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Young Team Next Season


Wow! We are really going to be a young team next year.

One senior - Cam Woodyard

One junior - Tim Frazier

Three redshirt sophomores - Sasa, Billy Oliver and Jermaine Marshall

One sophomore - Tre Bowman

One redshirt freshman - Jon Graham

Five true freshman - Trey Lewis, Pete Alexis, Pat Ackerman, Ross Travis, Matt Glover

One transfer sitting out redshirt freshman year (3 years left after redshirt year) - Juwan Staten


Glover would be a sophomore.


Right you are, Tom. Nonetheless, still a very, very young team.


Oliver is technically a redshirt junior, too, (even though they liked to constantly refer to him as a 3rd year freshman) even though he’s a shoe-in for a 6th year should he so choose.