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Would someone like to go over to the Lion's Den and respond to Odntuk's post


There really are a bunch of fair weather - once in a while hoops “fans” over there who think they know everything.




What is the Lions Den? Assuming a PSU board. I can honestly say that I only come here for info, with an occasional post. For those of us halfway across the country, this board is perfect for me keeping up with the team. Between the opinions of the posters and Cappy linking CDT/Collegian articles, I have always appreciated the information on the board and have never had a reason to look elsewhere for information. I don’t partake in any forum for the football team (i’m a fan, don’t get me wrong, but I think I’ve loved the basketball program longer, if you can believe that).

I suppose I’m brand loyal in more ways than I thought. Here I was thinking my airline, hotel, toilet paper, etc., were what I was brand loyal to. Apparently it also holds true with my PSU hoops info :wink:


What did I miss?




Since I started the thread, I’ll try to answer your question. Every once in a while, someone on the Lion’s Den board posts about how Ed sucks as a coach, that all we need is a big name coach who can bring in great players, that Curley and the Administration are trying to do it on the cheap, and that we should have no trouble recruiting guys from Philly, NYC, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, etc.

Generally, these fans point to the success of the wrestling program with Cael Sanderson and, with an amazing leap of logic and inductive reasoning, are convinced that PSU hoops should be able to do the same thing.

Most of these guys are the ultimate “fair weather fan” who became interested in PSU hoops midway through the Big Ten Tournament and don’t understand PSU hoops, the difficulties involved with hoops recruiting at Happy Valley and the whole AAU thing.

Several of have tried to educate these fans over on other boards, but the task appears hopeless. So when I saw another brainless post there the other day, I almost responded, but decided it wasn’t worth the effort. Then I sought refuge in this board and asked if there was a champion on this board who would care to respond. I don’t think anyone did.



I gotcha, thought maybe I missed an epic trolling that TJB got rid of to keep us on topic.


That’s not a job btw. I may want to talk about Taran’s morals but I don’t care if trolling for the sake of trolling gets kicked out of here. :smiley: