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Women's soccer [Was WS recruiting]


This is absurd.

Penn State just got a women’s soccer commitment from the #1 ranked recruit in the country for the class of 2020 (Yes that’s right 2020)


Did a little more research on her.

She was playing, and starting, for the US U-17 National Team as a fourteen year old, so there’s no doubt that she’s pretty talented. But committing now seems awfully early.


Here she is scoring a goal for the U17 team in their World Cup match against Canada back in March (look how young she looks)



Here’s a much longer (7 min) highlight video from that game where you can see some of her play (she obviously was just in the right place at the right time for her goal). She shows some real dribbling skills at one point in the video and just misses another goal later. BTW - the last goal in the 5-0 win was scored by another PSU recruit, Frankie Tagliaferri.



Not recruiting but, good job gals!


I didn’t expect this to happen the way that they started the season out, i.e. 6-5 overall and 2-2 in Big Ten play, but they got their act together to win their last 6. With a win over Minnesota at home on Sunday, they’ll win it outright.




PSU wins their 1st round match 4-1 over Bowling Green in less than ideal weather conditions. A bit of ponding on the pitch made for some interesting ball movement. However, they were still able to play aggressively and outshot BG by a good margin. I think I can almost feel my fingers and toes again.


Suggest this thread be retitled PSU Women’s Soccer


The crazy thing is that their opening round match for the NCAAs is often the easiest game that they have all year. Not so much this year, because our seed wasn’t that great, but in other years, very true.


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I forgot that I had the power to do that. tjb fixed it tho.


The NCAA’s substitution rules definitely plays to the depth of talent that the better programs can stockpile.



Women lead Wake Forest 1-0 at the half. Winner advances to the Elite Eight against Fla St.

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PSU advances to the Elite Eight for the fourth time in the last five years. They controlled the game today from start to finish. Florida State is the one seed in the region and is ranked #2 overall but, as good as PSU plays defense, they can beat anyone.