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Wisky IGT

Looks like it’s gonna be another decent student turnout tonight.

Chambers comes out dressed like JoePa but sans glasses

Awesome JoePa tribute by PC per PSUSTRETCH’s tweet.

Noted in PSUStretch’s tweet, PC with an homage to JoePa

Black Nikes, rolled up khakis, tie, white socks

4 guards starting with Graham

PSU wins the tip!

Marshall looking like DeRon

A rarity this year.

JG thinks he has to foce something up everytime he touches the ball down in the post

Decent start for us

The thing is, he’s forcing shots he doesn’t have to force

It’s weird seeing these jumpers go down.

Don’t think that was as much of a force as just a miss at the end of that move. Thought it looked good till it came off his hands.

Bruesewitz doesn’t look nearly as cool w/o his long hair


Ross Travis has been a mile long on his last 20 shot attempts I think

Great pass from Glover but Woodyard couldn’t finish

Great pass by Nick Matt, but Cam’s gotta finish that.

[quote=“psuDW, post:13, topic:3032”]It’s weird seeing these jumpers go down.[/quote]think u spoke to soon