Wisconsin IGT


Let’s go State!

Anyone know of a stream for this game? No BTN at home…


I have already achieved one of my New Year’s resolutions: Never drive 10 hours down and 10 hours back to hope for a win against a Bo Ryan-coached team!


Let’s get it boys!


Babb starting again


This picture looks particularly sharp today on BTN-HD :slight_smile:


Ok let’s start this off right!



Anyone have a TV or Radio stream?


Defining game, IMO. Though Hughes has outplayed Battle to date, don’t expect that today. Stopping Leuer, or holding him to less than 20 points, will be key. Bohannon hurt PSU before as well.

Don’t really expect win,but hopeful, and if PSU gets win, will be major victory, and if they can beat Wisky at home, can beat anybody there.


Man defense for PSU


First one to 60 wins today?


Do we get a point for closest to the bucket?


Once I take the time to figure out how to stream my computer screen, I’ll stream for you guys! I couldn’t find any streams online. The PDC World Darts Championship is on ChannelSurfing.net though! :wink:


What do you know, Brooks taking it inside!


Really like all the movement offensively the first two possessions. Not sure we’ve seen that exact form of this offense quite yet, or at least they’ve never ran it so purposefully that I’ve seen.


Like to see Jeff go inside all day.


And bricking both FTs!


DJ has to be willing to pop the three, I think.


Like to see Jeff make FTs

[quote="tjb, post:13, topic:591"]What do you know, Brooks taking it inside![/quote] And bricking both FTs!

Both of them were definitive clangs off the back iron.