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Wisconsin IGT

Over/under on “Nitley Lions”?

It’ll be “under” the number of Five-Hour Energy Drink commercials in which the guy decides to relax and read the paper after downing his energy.

Have to beat either Wisconsin or OSU to get o the dance. Why not Wisconin in Madison? We’ve done it before - 16 years ago.

BTN chooses to focus on Battle’s quest for the PSU scoring record instead of the 2000/500/500 feat.

Well…AJ with his first fumble

Just noticed that there has been a battle of energy drink brands going on in this commercial space.

Atta way Tim! They’re not going to guard him for a while.

Question is whether we are going to guard anyone… :slight_smile:

These rims are “soft”?

Wisconsin with scores on 4 of their first 5 possessions. I have no doubt they will eat up PSU’s man-to-man. Like the game in State College, I think Ed’s going to have to play alot of zone and hope they don’t get hot from deep.

Leuhr doesn’t usually start?

D looking on point ::slight_smile:

Wiscy looking good.

Wisky’s on fire to start, need some stops. That was a welcome 3 by Talor.

Jeff, kind of a bad belly bump there.

Under 16 TO and Wisky’s scored on 5 of their first 6 possessions. At the game in State College Ed waited until the under-12 to switch to zone and PSU was already down by double-figures. Don’t think you can wait that long playing at the Kohl center. 2-3 zone and try to slow down their ball and player movement a little.

I just noticed Battle’s choice of socks for the evening…

At one end, it looks like!

That was the first defended FG of the night for Wisky

We need more 6-11 guys who make threes. Does Dick Mumma have any eligibility left?

OK, that one wasn’t really defended either

That’s 4 uncontested 3 pt shots - ugh!