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Wisconsin IGT

Let’s go, fellahs.

Crowd looks OK.

Saw Andy North but not UncleLar.

Starting with man defense

Not sure how there was no foul there.

PSU way off so far. Frazier struggling with Taylor in the paint

9-5 at the first media timeout.

Problem with playing wisky is that you can play great D for 25-30 seconds, and they’ll patiently wait you out until they get the open look. I think this is a big strategy matchup problem. If PSU slows it down, Wisky is perfectly happy with that and can probably play the slow game better than just about anyone in the country.

Lower bowl is full and the upper bowl is over half full. Not sure what else you want.

Looks like men vs boys early on. Need Battle to have a big game today. Frazier has already penetrated and got stuck twice.

We cannot continue to give up offensive rebounds or we’ll get killed

Taylor has 6 points in the paint. Frazier realy struggling on him

Wiscy getting good shots, we’re not. Not a good indicator. The pattern we have to avoid is getting impatient on offense.


Good observation. Wisconsin can afford to be patient because they have 5 guys who can score. It’s tough to play 3 vs 5.


This is sad. Feels like the Iowa start. Can’t shoot, can’t defend, can’t rebound.

this sucks we continue to lay egg after egg in big games

We did it better when we got it in the paint with a pass or a dribble drive, both buckets. Chucking up 3’s won’t beat this team.

Nice play! Made something happen with it.