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Winning at UM, at Michigan State and at Purdue

Anyone able to validate when the last time a visiting BigTen team accomplished this feat?

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We haven’t played @ IU yet. Do you mean @ UM?

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My bad, yes, mean’t at MSU, Michigan and Purdue.

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Indiana 2013

AND they won @ IU, too! :wink:


Thanks, thought it might be longer but even so, 7 years since it last happened.
Of course, going forward with the uneven 20 game schedule, the chance of any team playing each of those 3 teams on road is pretty low. Maybe the next school can lay stake to that claim is a very long way off!

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PSU has wins at Michigan, Michigan State and Purdue this year. The last team to do that was Iowa in the 2015-16 season.

From his Northwestern preview.

I thought it was sufficiently rare that I could get away with picking a recent Big 10 champ with a crazy good record. Did that and called it a day. Reminds me of my newspaper copy editor days. :slight_smile:

I thought you gave the answer, not a guess! Last time I listen to you!