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Wife of Pat Donghia died this morning unexpectedly


Pat was the men’s basketball SID for several years between Jeff Brewer and Brian Siegrist and many of you know him well from the tailgates. He still works in the Sports Info department. I spoke to Jeff Nelson, the asst AD in charge of Sports Info, a few minutes ago. He said, apparently, Beth was working out this morning downstairs at their house and Pat at some point thought she’d been down there an inordinately long time. When he went down to check on her, he found her on the floor. That’s all we know right now. Pat and Beth have two sons – 2nd and 6th grade. Beth taught P.E. at Mount Nittany Middle School. Awful.


How sad, thoughts and prayers are with him, family and two young sons.


Man. So sad. It’s the worst when it’s unexpected like that. My conloences to Pat and family.


That’s tough…thoughts and prayers


That’s awful. I’ve met Pat and he was always very generous to me. My heart goes out to him and their children.


As the father of a boy in second-grade, this is unimaginable how disastrous this would be to lose a mother. Anyone going to church tomorrow now has a family to keep in mind.


That’s why we should love and cherish those we love every day.

Mrs H lost her mom at an early age. Knowing from her experience, there are hard times ahead for sure, but with their love and faith (and some helpful prayers), they’ll make it…


I just went upstairs and hugged my wife and kids (2nd and 4th grade).

I worked in the SID office back in the days of Budd Thalman and Mary Jo Haverbeck, so I don’t think I ever met or knew Pat.

I hope he finds the strength in his family and friends to move forward from this awful tragedy. Pat, our
prayers are certainly with you and your family.


Condolences to the Donghia family.

I knew Pat when I worked in the SID in college in the late 90s. Definitely a good guy, and no young family deserves that kind of tragedy.


Here’s her obit:


I had both as teachers at SCASD. My condolences go out to the Donghai family and may Beth rest in peace.


Wow! I believe she’s my high school homeroom teacher’s daughter.


Through this, I’ve learned there’s a website for people to coordinate bringing meals to the family while they’re in mourning (and so far the Donghia’s won’t have to worry about cooking dinner for several weeks!).

What a great idea, actually.