Why aren't we recruiting John Manning?


Besides the fact that I keep turing the Manning into Madden and the John into Peyton everytime I see the name, I was suprised to see that we aren’t making an effort to get this kid. If he really does have a “High Interest” level we should take a shot. He is a Rivals 150 recruit and while I know that we just picked up Peter Alexis, it seems like having two Centers couldn’t be a bad thing. Even more so since Peter is going to be learning on the fly and we honestly dont know how that will turn out.

I’m not saying Alexis can’t get the job done, but we’re gonna be in a lot of trouble if we dont get some solid play from him; picking up Manning could give us another option if need be.

On the other hand with only 3 ships left we might be waiting out for what bigger names we’re after at the momment.


Who says we aren’t recruiting him? If I’ve learned anything the past few years, it’s that ED is recruiting guys we don’t know about (so anything is possible).


Ok I’ll buy that. I just haven’t seen that we’ve offered anywhere but that doesn’t mean anything I suppose