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Who will be the first to make the NCAA tourny?


I had asked the following question during a thread about NorthWestern’s chances of making the tournament last year…

[quote=“Skeeza, post:20, topic:2784”]Which team out of these 4 will see the be in the NCAA tournament the soonest…

Penn State

I had just read an article about Nebraska’s program turning the corner. They had a lot of fantastic things to say about he direction they are going.

Can Nebraska basketball turn the corner?

That article had me thinking about the question I had asked back in December. To this point, we have:

Penn State: New found optimism with Newbill and several recruits
Northwestern: News of a transfer from Louisville, along with 4 returing starters
Iowa: Addition of a Top 20 PG and Top 20 C from the recruiting class of 2012, playing this year
Nebraska: See article about huge upgrades

Made me think that I should start another topic with this one. It looks like the lower programs are all starting to rise at the same time.


I voted for PSU. Who knows. But it could be close. Reporters always write stories about bottom dwellers moving up. Same story…change a school name. Just like coaches for bottom dwelling teams are always great guys and great bench coaches.


If the head coach is correct that we have one of top backcourts in College Basketball that should equate to a bid. Just saying, if he is right then I would think that would follow.


Watch out for Iowa. Fran can coach and has an eye for players.


I think it will be Iowa. I really like the athletic team they have and with a nice incoming recruiting class, they are going to give teams fits. After that I think PSU makes it sooner than Northwestern or Nebraska. Finally, while it is going to take a while I believe Nebraska will make it before Northwestern.


Iowa is probably a season or 2 ahead of PSU in terms progress toward NCAAs. Northwestern is really the wild card, they have been solid but just not quite able to turn the corner. I would bet on Iowa but lets hope PSU jumps and grabs the NCAA bid first.