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Who is going to score next year?

with 4 seniors and 80% of the scoring gone next year Who is going to do the scoring in 2011 - OH! I forgot the new freshmen coming in - I am afraid I am becoming a non beliver in ED.

It is a big concern. It is possible that things might be a little bit clearer when the season ends on that front. While it doesn’t seem like it now, Buie and/or Frazier could really end the season strong and give us hope that one or both of them could step up. Maybe Ed makes room for a Juco on the roster who has the ability to have an impact right away. But before I worry about next year I’m going to keep trying to stay positive about this season.

Don’t take this the wrong way, but isn’t it a little premature to be asking this? Maybe Sasa comes back strong next year and puts up some points. Maybe Frazier works on his perimeter shooting in the summer and gets some more buckets. Maybe Graham, who’s said to have a nice hook shot, steps up to the plate early and gets some good looks inside.

Thing is, we’re still about 11 months away from finding out who, if anyone, steps up as a legit first option on offense next season. Maybe this is a question best left until, say, August or September of 2011?

worry about where the scoring will come from vs. Duquesne on Saturday. 'cause if PSU drops that one… lots of questions about who does what next year

I think I’ll worry about the scoring later. What I will worry about is the scoring this season.

Battle can score every night, Brooks had an off night last game, and everyone else will need to step up. I’m hoping it will happen.