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Where is the coverage of the vigil?


Some stuff on twitter, but you would think with all the reporters in town that this might be getting some coverage. I see mentions of 10-15k people in attendance, which is higher than most of the riot numbers I saw from the other night.

One article here at least for now…


A rather small video, but gives you an idea of what it looked like…

PSU vigil

and a decent picture that helps capture the size of it


Saw a nice bit of it on ESPN.


There was coverage on D.C. - WJLA (ABC) local news. Hopefully the national media picks this up as well to show that not everyone in State College is a knucklehead.


Gotta love LaVar Arrington.

LaVar Arrington speaking at Penn State candlelight vigil at Old Main


I am Certain ESPN will be trying their best to put a good face for PSU. If this goes really bad for PSU in the next few months then college sports itself could be threatened nationally. So with the NBA disintegrating then they are left with Baseball, Racing and 1 football game a week. Not good enough and they know it.


As one who was in the business, I am certain that ESPN is not thinking past the next news budget meeting, and will cover whatever it is it thinks it audience will most respond to.


A different Lavar link:


Great stuff from #11 on 11/11/11.

As for the “lack” of coverage…it is interesting that ESPN can camp out on College Avenue on Wednesday night awaiting something to happen and report on every one of Joe Paterno’s moves this past week, yet in an hour addition of SportsCenter, a report (by Mark Schwartz) but no footage of Arrington’s speech.

His speech and this vigil are what Penn State is about, not what the news hounds were slobbering over the rest of the week.

tjb is right though. ESPN will only show what people want to see. I nice vigil does not grab the eyeballs like the “rioting” masses in a college town. I’m not mad at ESPN or a good bit of the media. For all my adult life as part of that media, I realize that my bosses (including ESPN for a stretch) prefer the wow factor over the subdued. It’s just the way it is.

What I can’t stand is the piling on by writers and reporters. Penn State is doing everything in its power to get over this scandal. Hopefully the media masses will pick up on this and give some balanced reporting of the like in the days/weeks/months to come.


In fairness, we had the Weekend Today show on this morning and they did a full piece on the vigil. A lot of discussion about healing and remembering. I thought it was fairly objective.