What do you want to see vs. Tulane?--positive vibes


Stealing this from NitIll…

Here’s what I want to see.

Talor and Tim continue to be aggressive taking their guys off the dribble. But they get everyone else involved with some nice dishes for easy baskets.

Jones finds his touch around the rim.

Perimeter defense tightens up and doesn’t allow Tulane’s shooters to go off.

We out-rebound Tulane by 5-10.


More toughness from the bigs.
Shooters - shoot better from the perimeter.






Thanks ronb…I really need to put aside my kids, my job and my life and start focusing on bringing some positive vibes threads to this board after yesterday’s game.

Toughness in the paint (agree with Speed on this one)…our bigs need to bring some of that Cornleyesque vibe to their game (as I stated in the Charleston Classic HQ thread prior to yesterday’s game)

Babb needs to find his stroke…if not, spell him with Highberger for a few minutes.

“Up goes Frazier” - he and Battle need to do what they do. Love to see Timmy go skyin’

I think this is a good place to add this note of sage advice. Being a youth coach, I’m usually pretty good about turning negatives into positives.

One thing I always tell my kids after a tough loss is that there is nothing and I mean nothing you can do to change the outcome of that game. So move on. At this point, I usually have the score of the game on a piece of paper and I set fire to it (if we’re outside that is). Use the fire, the hunger and the hurt (some of the kids usually have tears in their eyes) from this loss to come out blazing the next game. (At this point I’m usually looking right into each and every one of my players, going down the line). I don’t care that you lost this game. All I care about is how you react to this loss and what each and every one of you can do to turn this loss into a win the next game.

Then I reach into the cooler and pull out a few six packs of beer and hand them out…OK, Buttermaker I am not…but usually I have something of the sort to hand out to the kids and they forget they even played a game. Doesn’t work with the older kids as much as the younger ones.

I guess what I’m saying is there is nothing we can do to change the outcome of yesterday’s game. Let’s all focus on winning every game from here on out. (And hope that UNCW beats both Miami and USC handily ;D)



Andrew Jones looke like the Andrew Jones we saw in March