What do Helen Keller, Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles have in common?


They have the same vision for the Penn State basketball program as Tim Curley… NONE!


Not true…Curley has a vision…his vision for the basketball team is to hope he can ride the success of JoePa and the blue hair football donors for a few more years.


Now I see where the passion for the Nation came from. You are tenacious!


Please lay off Timmy (MO LARRY AND ) Curley. The cat has VISION. He SAW Ed and the boys rehired at the same rate as last year. He SAW a bunch of our players packing suitcases. He SAW them waving good bye to PSU. He SAW a chance for Ed to hit the recruiting trail and pick up the sleepers not taken by anyone else. He SAW a chance to start over with new faces, new hope. The cat has vision. Just because you don’t share his GIFT, stop mocking him.


Does this force Curley’s hand? HE sure as he&% cant revere this as a good vision now. The expirement is over, Ed and Tim failed…next chapter please.


My guess would be that Ed would resign before Curley would let him go.


Which is usually how PSU coaches get fired.