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Welcome Trent Buttrick


Body language discussion and transfer speculation

I’m surprised that no one has commented on this. I’m actually excited about this commitment. I know that we hadn’t heard anything about this recruit and this came as surprise to everyone. From what I read he is a stretch 4. We get a tall shooter with decent athleticism and shooting is just what we needed. We already have plenty of talent, the talent just needs to mature. Again I love the signing.


Kid’s tape shows a lot of dunks, made threes, finishes at the rim. Most against kids a lot smaller, but the bones are there. Possible sleeper. Glad to see us get a high school kid.



Mid-season senior year highlights





Hoping he can develop into a slightly smaller version of the lumberjack pf’s Wisconsin seems to find every year up in the woods there. Definite redshirt candidate. I think this commit means someone else will be leaving at the end of the year opening another scholarship for a grad transfer/Spring signing. This kid doesn’t help next year’s team.


Scroll through his school’s facebook page:

Seems he averages a double double with plenty of 20+ pt games.

Chambers scouted him on Jan 25. Buttrick scored 25 points and had 23 rebounds that night.


Why does this mean anything other than we have an empty spot and are filling it with a kid at a position of need?

Hopefully another Billy Oliver without the concussion issues.


Hopefully better than Billy Oliver :ok_hand:t2:


Just getting ready to type the same thing. Trent is from Bloomsburg, PA. Highlights look good to me!


Welcome! Good highlight tape, hopefully he can grow into a successful B1G player.


I just meant a 6-8 shooter. Billy might have been a lot better if could have stayed in the lineup. Seemed like just when he started putting it together, it came to an end.


Because the kid looks like he will need a redshirt year, and then some, before he contributes. I think Pat deserves the chance to see the current freshmen through their senior year before admin makes a decision to pull the plug. Not sure taking on a potential project recruit, with your last 17 scholarship, helps him win next year, and frankly, the following year.


I will admit, this seems sort of strange to me. Pat has been all over Philly and the DMV, etc…and has some really high end kids looking. They don’t need a recruit in this class really. I don’t know.


Why don’t they need someone? They have an opening, it’ll be tough to fill 5 slots and it spreads ships out better. I’m still expecting at least one transfer fwiw.


If he can drag a big out of the paint because he can shoot from 3, then it opens up the middle for Mike and Lamar. I trust Pat’s judgment. Not everybody needs to be the Pennsylvania Player of the Year to add value to the team. Welcome aboard, Trent!


Kinda nice to see this program fly direct from State College to Naples in the middle of a winter storm just to recruit. Thank you Sandy Barbour.