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Welcome to the new Forum

We’ve modernized! It’s a new Penn State basketball world! Our old forum hadn’t adapted for modern browsers, let alone for mobile use. So we’ve brought our own messages over (as best we could – private messages couldn’t make the journey), matched our structure as best we could, and flipped the switch.


  • SSL - usernames and passwords will be encrypted before being transmitted
  • Mobile happiness - much easier to follow/contribute from the arena!
  • “Live” message threads that will make things better for in-game threads - no more refreshing, updates will be pushed out to you
  • Much more: Read about Discourse, the platform, here: What is Discourse? | Discourse - Civilized Discussion

We’ll improve the UncleLar Recruiting Matrix and the Scholarship Matrix after a bit of a re-work there, too.

The blog may be going away. We started it in the last 90s, before the term “blogging” had been coined, when news about Penn State basketball was hard to come by, impossible outside Central Pennsylvania. With energetic sites like RLR and others entering the fray over the years, that’s not needed.

There will be struggles. We become attached to our user interfaces, even when they’re not that fundamentally sound. I appreciate everyone’s efforts to embrace this change, because without you … we really have nothing.

I didn’t run a fundraising drive this past spring because I knew this change was coming. I wanted everyone to give this a chance before deciding whether to contribute. I’ve dropped a couple grand into the change, so if things remain dynamic, I’ll try to get some of that back in a drive later in the season.

Great job on the transition. A big change but looks like we’ll be much better off in the long run. Thanks for all your hard work as usual, TJB.

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Yes, a big transition.

Great on mobile … hoping the in-game threads are more fund, because I don’t think you’ll have to be refreshing constantly. New messages will appear if you keep the thread open. More like a group chat.

Not happy with this change. Granted, that’s pretty reactionary, but so far in thread I’m scrolling down from posts in 2015 and earlier. I suspect that’s operator error, but seems like there are better interfaces (especially if you’re doing away with the blog).

A bummer. I’ll continue to try, because I like this site, but this was a revolutionary change. I have enough of that in real life.

I’m surprised I haven’t heard more of this. It’s a big change and I’m sorry I felt I had to make it.

The old server was badly compromised. I have to get things off of that. I wanted to add SSL security to encrypt passwords, so that required additional changes. I also was unhappy with the development progress of the SMF software - which was basically no significant progress in years. More people are using mobile, and this was a better option for that.

The UI is different. Some of the old stuff is not here (for me, it’s the ability to hit next and previous through unread threads). Most of the old stuff is here, but it’s accessed differently. No one wants to have to think about that - the idea is to read the posts, not figure out how to work some new software program.

I’m confident that over time the UI will become invisible again, and I hope we don’t lose people while getting to that point.

I think I can make a pretty good case that this is almost always design error and not operator error, especially for people who use a computer fairly often.

When we imported the old site, we lost the tracking of where we were in threads (I think - my memory is a bit foggy after wrestling with this change for a couple of months).

To scroll down quickly, click and drag the element on the right. (This is unusually un-intuitive, in my opinion). It’s this guy:

Once you’ve done that, the place you end up becomes the new posts placeholder and you won’t have to do it again.

I must admit it tjb, I was not happy about the change either. By hey, it’s your site and I respect the reasons why you did it. Speaking of losing people, where is Tom?

Not sure and would be a significant loss!

Where is the matrix these days…can’t find it

Tjb’ reply below from a different thread.

The more I stumble across the features this forum software, the more impressed I am of it. Really slick.

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Pound sign (#) at the start of a line

#Pound Sign at start

Pound sign following space at the start of the line

just added a space in front of the pound sign and it fixed it. Thanks

Came up in hockey thread…

Generally the special codes that enable you to format your posts follow markdown:

Markdown Reference

Markdown Tutorial - Introduction

That’s what it was. I knew I added a space to something I had numbered and the huge font went back to normal font. I forgot about the pound sign.