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Welcome, Sonny Johnson Jr. 🔥

First member of the Class of 2026!

5-10 PG from Garfield heights, OH.



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Might very well be ambidextrous. Smooth handles, particularly from the left. With an offer from MSU. Let’s hope we can keep him . Looks like a top notch ball handler

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Very natural ball handler.

I think this is Dad:

Wow, that’s a while off. He also had an offer from Much St: Sonny Johnson Jr., Garfield Heights, Point Guard

Same HS as Trey Lewis, right? Garfield Heights (was that Cornley’s too?)

Yes. No (Brookhaven).

Just stay away, Ohio State.

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The tape kind of reminds me of Myreon Jones with better handles. Similar quick release pullup three, finishing ability. Excited to see how he develops in the coming years and hope he stays on board.


I was thinking the same thing on MJ, although he has a higher release point, which is always a good thing. Out for the season with a torn ACL and we still offered him, so hopefully that loyalty will keep him with us


He’s a Rivals 5-star. Could be our highest rated recruit ever.

Not to burst the bubble, but I think the stars are usually gold when the prospect is rated? So this would indicate that he isn’t rated yet by rivals?


Don’t ruin my party. :frowning_face:


Like Cher singing to another Sonny…we’ve got you…

Unless you’re more inclined for R&B…

BTW, I really hope I don’t find myself posting Elton John’s “Don’t Go Breaking my Heart” if the commitment doesn’t follow through.

Welcome Sonny!

The tape on him is really impressive, great handles obviously, but very nice body control and the finishes with both hands are smooth as silk. Love the really compact looking jumpshot as well.

Stars and rankings aside, this looks like a ball player. Nice verbal pickup!


The injury is fairly recent. We offered him last year, as did Sparty and Nebraska. Hes had a couple more roll in post injury from what I’ve been able to piece together.