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Welcome, Sam Sessoms! [Was: Sam Sessoms to announce....]

destination tomorrow at 6:00 pm


Curious to hear what everyone thinks about Sessoms. Just based on the stat sheet he’s been a really high volume guy on a really bad team in a below average mid-major. He led the league in avg points and 2nd in assists. What is his calling card? Driving? He doesn’t make 3s at a great clip, he’s somewhat undersized, he’s almost like the Kamaria McDaniel of the America East. Curious to see how he’d adjust to playing next to other capable guards like Jones and Dread (especially after a year to sit)

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He is a capable point guard and more of a scoring threat than Wheeler is. Outside of someone at the 4 that is our biggest need. We saw how badly our drop off was when forcing an off guard into the PG rotation (which Myreon has done, but isnt his strong suit). His ball handling and ability to create off the bounce would give us a much needed boost if we were to land him.


Sessoms would fill a need, especially if he gets immediate eligibility:

Plus, he seems like a kid with a lot going for him beyond basketball, and he’s Philly. Your locker room recruits the kids that follow them. I remember one coach saying long ago that if you want to know what your future teams look like, look at your locker room now.

Sessoms would be a help there in addition to his considerable on-court skills.


Is immediate eligibility possible/likely?

As far as I know, only in the sense that it may be for everybody based on the Big 10 and ACC support for the one-time exemption.

Pass… halve his stats in the B1G, at best. I’d much rather bring Diggins or Mitchell next year.

We would still need a PG even if Sessoms comes. He’d be the only one on the roster for 2021-22 and if he had immediate eligibility he’d be a senior in 21-22.

Sessoms without immediate eligibility, or Farrakhan with eligibility this coming season. Which one would you rather have?

So that’s the calculation? A tough Philly guard who has had D1 success vs. the possibility that a recruit may sign?

Sessoms had a 32.3% assist rate (51st in the country) on a team that was ranked 224 on offense - and he was the highest scorer by far.


Six 30+ point games in 2 seasons, how many guys nationally had more than that the last two seasons? Guessing not many.

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As a 36 minute per game best player on a bad team guy, it will be interesting to see how he blends into whatever he team he ends up with. It’s kinda the typical transfer in reverse. A lot of guys leave P5 teams and go to a mid major where they can be “the guy”. He is going in the opposite direction.


Rutgers doesn’t currently have any open ships without someone leaving

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Kind of like Penn State.


In my mind he’s a 15 minute per game backup PG who can get hot. I assume he’d bring a completely different element to the game than Jamari does. I think that’s actually something that makes us better next year. I’d welcome him on our team because he provides something we’re missing.

I certainly don’t think his presence effects the need for a lead PG in the class of 21.

I have seen very little of Sam Sessoms outside of some highlight videos but the guy has produced a lot. I would be surprised if he goes anywhere expecting to be the backup.

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Does a player take up a scholarship when they sit a year?

It doesn’t seem like much, but this makes you the board expert and you should feel free to jump in with advice to the coaching staff!

Yes, they count toward the 13 total.