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Welcome, Houston Mallette 🔥


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Really sincere. I love the kid based on this. Seems to be an athletic off ball shooter. Almost seems like he’d fill a Curtis Jones esque roll for us, but taller.

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See him with a role as a sniper who can occasionally create a shot off the dribble. Don’t think he’s got the build to finish among the trees or handle the game driving to the lane in a league this physical. For him to be of most use that sniper the role he needs to fill.

As noted UNLV and us are his best offers at the moment.

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Offered by Washington St (only Pac 12 offer) and St. Mary’s as well. Villanova and Florida State expressed interest. He played on a loaded AAU team. I doubt he becomes as productive as Myreon, but he seems from the same mold. Then again, did anyone see Myreon’s breakout coming?


Very impressive announcement video!


We have been a little lacking in pure, consistent shooters so I like this commitment.


I like that his highlight video includes a floater from the FT line. It’s such a valuable weapon. I’ve said this before, but that floater can also be an alley oop if the center comes out to meet him.

St. Mary’s never actually offered. Showed interest but didn’t pull the trigger. May decide to do so down the line though.

Awesome. I was expecting another Philly area kid. Is that still happening? Big recruiting week either way. Welcome to PSU Mr Mallette.

Sounds like a very well spoken young man and a high character person. Hopefully his play on the court will be as good as he seemingly is off the court.

Welcome to Penn State, Houston!! #wearebetter #climbin :basketball::+1:

Great name! Really comes out of left field seeing a kid from California, no pun intended. Welcome, Houston.


From December

and February (not sure how many free looks one gets):

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I mean, that’s nice and all but I have yet to see a commit whose HS coach comes out and says “yikes, good luck with that. He prefers following and never takes initiative.”

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Well, he really didn’t have to say anything at all you know.

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