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Welcome, Curtis Jones

Interesting reporting: Jones is attempting to finish his undergrad degree at Penn State.


According to Oklahoma State sources, there’s also the question of whether Jones will be granted grad-transfer status with an outstanding number of credits still to complete that may or may not be obtainable in the summer semester at PSU. If not, he’ll be eligible only in the second semester as he was last season, essentially the bulk of Big Ten play.

  1. He’d have to take classes at PSU, have Okie State count them towards his graduation requirements. Seems a tall order.
  2. How would he be eligible in the spring semester if he doesn’t graduate? Short of some waiver, he’s done gotta sit out two semesters, so in essence he’s done in that scenario

When I read that I assumed that he could finish up in the fall semester.

That could be.

1). Not a tall order at all. It’s not at all unheard of for a regular student to attend another school for a final semester or two, yet get their degree from their original school since that’s where the bulk of their credits come from. I know it’s happened at least once with a PSU football player, although his name escapes me at the moment.

2). I think the assumption is that if he can’t fulfill his OSU graduation requirements here in the summer, then he’d finish them here up in the fall, thus becoming immediately eligible.

For the spring semester right?

Yes, sort of. Normally, he’d be eligible the Monday after fall finals (assuming the NCAA doesn’t object - the rules covering Jones situation aren’t clear). However, PSU is on a late calendar this year and that Monday doesn’t fall until Dec 23rd. Last year it was Dec 17th - and we had games on Dec 19th and 21st. So, how many games he could play before the actual start of the spring semester isn’t known yet.

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I thought that he was going to finish up this summer at PSU, I thought I read?

He’s going to TRY to. Doesn’t mean that he’ll be able to get all the courses that he will need to have in order to get his Oklahoma State degree. The discussion was about what would happen if he couldn’t graduate this fall.

Was it Justin Brown? I think that it the PSU transfer you are thinking of.

Yes, it was. Went to Oklahoma for a semester then walked at the PSU graduation that winter.

I was glad he finished his PSU degree.

Bingo. Thanks.