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Welcome, Caleb Dorsey 🔥

6-8 Forward, The Hill School in Pottstown.


From last December…


Decent handle for a guy his size but has a tough time finishing at the rim right now and he’s at a fairly crowded position on the roster. He can shoot it a little bit, good defender. Only other HM on him was Georgetown.

I know we like his brother too, they visited together.


Watching the video, it looks like he may be a Jeff Brooks type?

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Roar Lions Roar:
Class of 2020 Forward Caleb Dorsey Commits to Penn State
The 6’7 forward is the second member of Pat Chambers’ 2020 class.

Awesome news!!

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Welcome Caleb!

Stats from Nike EYBL, he played for Team Durant:

Averaged 8.5 points, 4.5 rebounds.

Welcome aboard Caleb!!!

Lots of bodies at the 4 next year - although relatively inexperienced. Should be plenty of opportunities.

We could only be so lucky…

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Dick Harter’s high school.

So, if last recruit was a Parkhill recruit, would you say this is a Dick Harter recruit?


Next year with one open ship

1 - Wheeler, DK, (McCloskey)
2 - Dread, Jones, Johnson
3 - Brockington
4 - Lundy, Buttrick, Kelly, Dorsey
5 - Harrar, Tsimbila

Let’s plug Geronimo in at the 3 as well and call it a day.

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I believe I declared the last recruit to be a Dunn recruit, but yes, I’m declaring this one to be a Harter recruit. Actively scanning the recruiting boards for the elusive Dutch Hermann recruit.


Lundy’s a 3 to me.


Agree, but out of necessity he may get significant time at the 4. It will all depend on how the other guys develop. He’s the most big10 ready out of all the options.

I agree, more of a 3. Problem with trying Dorsey at the 4 is that he’s a tweener who’s better handling the ball than he is finishing around the rack. He’s gotta improve that aspect of his game (especially finishing through contact) if we want to play him as a 4. He’s more of a drive and dish guy than a drive and finish guy. I think his game is much better suited as a 3 right now since the most consistent portion of his offensive game is shooting when he gets his feet set. 3 is where we’re kind of stacked with bodies. We have a lot of stretch 4 body types on the roster too, time will tell if any of them have the game to be reliable.

I’m not sure what Pat’s gonna do with this last ship. We’re in on both Geronimo and DJ Gordon still. Both of those guys are plus guys to me and we probably need both just to stack up talent wise 1-5 with the rest of the big 10.

Definitely got the feeling he is a perimeter player from the video. Good shot and smooth ball handling is always good to have at that height.

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I have to ask…
Is Pottstown close enough to count Caleb as a Philly kid? :slight_smile: