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Welcome Abdou Tsimbila

State College, PA - Penn State Basketball: Nittany Lions Add Another To 2019 Class,1477120/


The kid looks pretty big already. Welcome Abdou.


I’m always happy to hear about a new commitment. Welcome to Penn State Abdou

Maybe I am pessimistic, but the kid looks raw and we haven’t been the greatest at developing. Not huge offers and the fact that he is African makes me think this recruitment might go like the TOLU one.

Our past two recruited posts are Watkins and Harrar…we’ve done a good job developing of late.

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Harrar was a football player and was recruited more heavily and Watkins was really a monster in HS not really developed. But the post play is definitely better.

Welcome aboard. We need bigs.

Any big who is ready as a junior is likely going to a name program. Bigs are in high demand. When was the last one we got that was ready as a freshman. Never. Our best posts all were either transfers or redshirted. Our big men have developed just fine. I like a high ceiling and any player who is interested in defense and is athletic can play the post for me. Only offensive weapon I need as a HS junior is soft hands.

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Harrar’s best offers were us and UConn. Abdou’s best offers so far are us and St. Bona. Kid’s playing his first AAU live period this summer, let’s see what we got. Staff earned our trust with the talent eval’s in an incredibly thin '17 class. I’m trusting them on this one.

Agree with Phan. Big, athletic with soft hands are the most important traits for a big. If he rebounds , plays good D and can catch a lob for a dunk he can contribute as a freshman. Post moves and extending his range are things to develop while he’s here.

Given that we have Watkins and Harrar in the pipeline, Abdou shouldn’t be pressed into action before he’s ready… and will actually have 2 pretty talented post guys to practice against and learn from.

I would think this is the only potential “reach” the staff goes with in this cycle (and I really don’t think he’s a reach at all, especially on the defensive side of the ball). They’re in on a lot of top 200 guys down the stretch here, would assume they hold the last 2 spots in the class for kids like Lundy, Bishop, Sissoko, McLeod, Diawara, etc.

Why not hold 3 spots for those guys? Makes me feel like we aren’t as confident there.

Because there’s a very real possibility we don’t land all of them, and further a possibility we end up with more schollies than we think we will. We have 2 pro candidates in Mike/Lamar, and that doesn’t even account for anyone who transfers, which seems to be a yearly occurrence.

And because they just might have a real good player here. Stars are not everything. Claxton was a two star.

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He looks fairly fluid but quite raw, albeit I think he does look quite better than Tolu when you compare those two. Harrar was a good hit for backup big (who knows maybe he can become a starter as an upperclassman), maybe Tsimbila can develop and become much more refined. I feel like projecting big men at the collegiate level is such a hard thing to do. It makes sense to expend many scholarships on bigs with potential imo, since a good big is so transformative for college. We’ve seen the impact that Watkins has had here.

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Same link:

I do agree, however I think he is still very raw and that’s why I compared the 2.

More than held his own today against Top 100 guys. He’s got fast riser written all over him.


Pretty impressive. Tried to get a box score!