We have athletic guards


Talor Battle- Penn State Basketball- Reverse

Tim Frazier- Penn State Basketball

Tim Frazier- Penn State Basketball- 2 handed windmill


Anyone know where I can buy a #23 jersey? :slight_smile:


Wow! :o

Very impressive for both guys. Frazier makes it look so effortless. Starting to develop a new man crush. Hope Talor doesn’t get jealous :wink:


Don’t get me wrong, yeah I think that’s alright, but that won’t keep us warm in March’s prime time light… that don’t impress me much.

(I can’t believe that I just quoted Shania Twain on a basketball message board, let the negative karma begin ;D)


Never heard of Shania Twain…What position does she play? Relation of Mark? :wink:


Seriously now, Eric thanks for the video. Yes we have 2 very athletic kids. For us loooong time fans…“Who would have thunk it!” The season will be interesting.