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We had a shot - I'm proud of you guys


Tired legs and fouls on Frazier did us in.





Team did us all proud on national television. Fought to the bitter end. Even though we lost, that was one hell of a run into the NCAA tourney. Can’t wait for the next game! :slight_smile:


We’re not done yet!

To all of the guys who read this board (and their parents) thank you so much for this week. It’s been rejuvenating and uplifting as a fan, and I’m so excited to see what we can do in the tournament.





Let’s make some noise in the tourney men. Very proud of you all. ;D


I’m very proud about what we’ve accomplished. It sucks to lose but hopefully the team will be hungry and fired up to play in our next game. I believe we are in the NCAA Tournament.


UNC Lost by 17, we may be seeing them in Dayton.


Let’s not lose sight of the fact that we went deeper into this BTT than any other class. And we played #1 tight for most of the game. Today wasn’t a win but we drilled deeper into the mountain.

I always like the guys on our teams with one or two rare exceptions in maybe the last 20 years. This crew is top shelf. I’m not even going to single anybody out as being above the others. They all gave it their best. We’ll always, hell, PSU history will always remember this team.




tO$U and refs both took care of business!
We tried but were tired!!


I am so happy for Talor and the team for making the NCAA Tournament. That was the goal and it was met. I know there was doubt during the season, but we were able to rise above and make it.


SO proud of these guys - especially Ed and Talor, who are the two most deserving people in the country right now of an NCAA bid as far as I’m concerned. They work as hard as anyone and handle their business like men, with no excuses made and no finger pointing at anybody but themselves when things don’t go as planned. I felt this cloud over me the last week, unsure of what would happen this weekend and especially uneasy about our tournament chances - I can’t imagine how depressed I’d be right now if they hadn’t made this happen for themselves, and for us as fans… I can’t think of many things I’ve wanted to see more in my life as a sports fan.

It’s all gravy from here on out. I love our placement in the bracket, I love our chances to compete against Temple and SDSU, but mostly I’m just looking forward to this program and these players and all us fans getting to experience the joy of an NCAA tournament. Congrats guys!


And thank you Ed for getting the guys to never quit when things didn’t go our way and for doing a much better job of scheduling this year!