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Way, Way OT


A friend recommended this “This American Life” for the segment about the chimpanzee Lucy.

However, it contains another segment that is extremely touching about a dying woman’s birthday letters that she wrote to her daughter in anticipation of her next 13 birthdays, which she knew she would miss. The family is Gordon Gee’s.


The letters from the grave is actually one of their more interesting peices. I loved the “#1 party school” thing they did and that put them on my radar. They’ve done some other good ones, although some have left me pretty flat. They’re not singles hitters at “TAL” It’s either an out or a HR.

The “longshot” epsidode a while back was really good too.

“The letters” was really thought provoking particlualry if you, or someone you know, has lost a parent.

I’ll have to find the “lucy” one. You can buy old episodes on I-tunes if you miss the free podcast.