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Way to go Bballguy!


So, as someone who has taken my share of shots for some of my posts, from others who seem to always know more, I would like to give some props to Bballguy. He stood in with his prediction of how the guys would play yesterday. He told all of us to take PSU and the 18 points, because we “may just win the game outright.” He was mocked for his continued optimism regarding this team and even taunted to go place his bet if he was “so sure.” Well, we all could have made some money if we had listened. Interesting how nobody went back into the thread after the game to retract the criticism. I guess you’re all too busy eating crow. Anyway, good for you Bballguy. Nicely done…


Betting on your own team is always bad karma


That’s awfully nice of you to say Liebs. I know whenever I don’t follow the company line I will be faced with a whole bunch of criticism, but I say what I think and stand by my convictions. Frankly, i didn’t expect any apologies, but it would have been nice. No hurt feelings on my part. It is just a message board.


I was the take the points guy…

He was a bit more optimistic, stating Friday morning…

It’s hard for me not to think we will win 1 of these next 2 games. Ohio St. keeps narrowly avoiding defeat. At some point it has to catch up to them and we have a nice hot streak going.

I posted about 12 hours later…

I’m relatively optimistic on tomorrow’s game. Not predicting win, but the line has us as 19 pt. underdogs, which seems like an overlay. UM only lost by 4 to OSU, and it was a 1 possession game with less than a minute. I have to think that we play with the same energy as the last two games. One edge we might have over last year is that Turner won’t be covering Talor, frosh Craft will. Talor had more than 20 vs. Turner both games, and while Talor was quicker, Evan had that length, Craft’s 6’2". Other than that, whatever Michigan did to hold Sullinger to 12 points should be copied. Although they’re winning, OSU beat Iowa away by 5 points. NW just beat Iowa by 19 at the same spot. OSU not really big inside, though Sullinger on offense, oy. I’d try to score down low with drives and inside passes. 3’s too, but it better not become a 3 shooting contest on our part. We’ll lose by 19 if we do that, IMO. Have to keep them honest on D.

Giant killer tomorrow? That’d get the tourney committee’s attention.

to which he responded 15 minutes later…

I’m optimistic enough to predict a win.

I was pretty off on Talor vs. Craft, but the other part not too bad. I do actually think he was more spot on in his optimism. We really could’ve had it.


Apologize for what? I didn’t think PSU would lose by more than the spread, I just said if he was so sure, he should make money off of it. There is no crow to eat there. PSU didn’t win, so it doesn’t really matter if bballguy predicted a win. Sure it was CLOSE, but it didn’t happen. A lot of games were close last season, but they didn’t happen because the team wasn’t good enough.


Sorry Liebs, but I have a hard time understanding your rant. This coming from a poster with five total posts, three of which from 2009. I’m not calling you out or anything, just questioning why you would choose to take on this board with this thread after remaining silent for mostly over a year.

Anyway, bballguy is liked on this board, I think. We rib each other, that’s what message boards are about. If you can’t take the heat, then get out of the kitchen or just ignore a poster or a thread. No big deal.

bballguy is positive in nature. Maybe a little overly positive at times. And if anyone takes issue with that, that is their right to do so.

You took issue with how he’s been treated and that’s your right. But to try and incite the board after remaining dormant for over a year is shallow in nature. And I have a right to think that way, just like you have a right to rebut my claim.

Come to think of it, maybe you are bballguy (with more than one log-in) and just trying to get some love from us all. If that’s the case, then you are loved. Have a wonderful night.


Pretty sure everybody in that thread agreed that 17.5-19 points was an awfully high number. We just suggested that taking them to win outright probably wasn’t a good move, and guess what? We were right, unfortunately.

No crow to be eaten good sir, continue lurking.


[quote=“Craftsy21, post:7, topic:1793”]Pretty sure everybody in that thread agreed that 17.5-19 points was an awfully high number. We just suggested that taking them to win outright probably wasn’t a good move, and guess what? We were right, unfortunately.

No crow to be eaten good sir, continue lurking.[/quote]

You continually do this, make arguments that have no validity. Not a single poster made any comment whatsoever about the spread.

You continue a habit I’ve pointed out before. Lacking the strength of an argument yourself, you hide in the crowd, believing you represent all. I mean, “pretty sure everybody?” Once again, you can’t stand on your own two feet, so you include everybody to support you. Speak for yourself like all others do. Get a backbone.


Nittany I can assure you that we are not the same person nor is he someone that I know personally. I was surprised someone would go out of their way to support me like this, but it was very nice of him to do that for me.


I take kid off ignore for a few minutes to see what he’s saying these days and to my “surprise” he’s just as clueless as ever. Try reading the thread this one refers to before you call me out, genius. I speak for everyone because the thread starter is questioning everyone, specifically regarding a thread I started.

It will be nice when you finally leave this place in a few months so you can stop parading around here like you have any connection to this team outside of Battle, which is still a creepy reason for spending so much time talking about a team. Your antics got old long ago. How’d all your bets work out this year? Buie in the starting lineup yet? Frazier’s lack of scoring really holding us back against the big boys? Throw some more crap at the wall, something will stick for ya.

Back on IL you go - you can stop responding to me while you’re on there, I see you do it quite often when other people quote you so I can’t imagine all the times you’re doing it where I just never see it. Save yourself the time. Find a new hobby that doesn’t involve trying to prove me wrong to cover up your awful eyeball-analysis, or stalking kids you saw play a handful of times in high school.


Craftsy you have Kid on Ignore (or so you say) you’ve only told this board about 100x. Yet you seem to reply to a majority of his posts. Do us all a favor and keep him on ignore , like you do with me, and don’t respond at all so we can quit reading the same crap over and over again. Wait you can’t see this you have me on ignore as well. :-* :-* :-*


Nice job, bballguy. I was among those who thought predicting a win was foolhardy. But the Nits were right there and a couple of different bounces could have done it. I’m sorry to have doubted!


Liebs, I’m offended by this thread! I included PSU as one of the three upset games of the day on Saturday, and I get no recognition!! I didn’t post it on this board, but still!!

:frowning: :’(