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Way OT - TBS broadcast team


I’m listening to TBS and keep thinking, “What’s Todd Blackledge doing calling baseball?” It’s Bob Brenly, who is also from Ohio.


Seems like baseball announcing has become so specialized… I rarely hear most of these guys except during the playoffs. I kind of miss the old days when ABC used to pull a Keith Jackoson or Al Michales to do a baseball playoff game. They may not have known all the “ins and outs” but something about hearing their voices made the event sound like a bigger deal. Now, all the voices sound so unfamiliar, it’s missing that “something special” feel.


TBS did a bad job doing the Tigers Yankees game yesterday. Missed a couple big moments when having the camera on something else. It was annoying. Missed Swish’s diving catch (did show it no replay but we missed the moment of it) and another play. Today they were better, but those 2 things caught my eye. TBS is getting better at doing baseball though, I like their ‘around the table team’ which they’ve tried to re-create the successful TNT NBA table team. Now just get the NBA guys off doing the college tournament and they’ll be all set. Hire Gus stat!