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Cardinals D got someone 14 points in our league yesterday. Scored changed from I think 3 to 14 overnight. I’m guessing they are scoring Steve Breaston’s TD as a def/st TD. Can anyone explain how if this is true? I guess giving the points to the D would be the only choice but we have people bitch*ng up a storm already and ESPN can’t really give a concrete answer (via email).

ESPN league? Arizona only got 4 points in my ESPN league.

Yeah they got 14 in our league. I have no idea how. We have the “SF” (stuff) category where they got 9 points. I know that includes tackles for loss (not sacks) which they had a few but I still think somehow someway that Steve Breaston TD went towards the D/ST just can’t figure out how or why

Must be some strange rule that’s specific to your league.

This was placed on our league website for week 14 so I doubt this is what you are referring to:

The touchdown recorded by Darnell Dockett is considered an offensive fumble TD. In order for Dockett to get credit for a defensive fumble recovery TD there must be a change of possession on the fumble. Since the fumble did not result in a change of possession, the touchdown is considered an offensive fumble TD.

An offensive fumble return TD will be recorded whenever a player on the offensive team recovers a fumble and advances the fumble for a touchdown. Since the ball had already changed possessions on the play in question, the Arizona defense was considered to be on offense.

You can verify this touchdown was not recorded as a defensive touchdown on

This is a rather unusual play as the change of possession coupled with the additional fumble changes the entire way the touchdown is recorded by the NFL.

Situations where the following sequence occurs:

•A defensive player has taken possession of the ball through either an interception or fumble.
•The defensive player subsequently fumbles the ball, and it is recovered for a touchdown by a teammate, the team defense will not be credited with a TD.
If the player who intercepted the ball or recovered the fumble returns it for a TD, then the team defense will receive credit for the TD.

Can you describe what ocurred with Breaston?

BReaston simply recovered an offensive fumble in the end zone