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Was Sad .. Now Glad .. Have Talent Evaluator Tool


Just sitting around the house … sipping some chilled Herradura Anejo … pondering how to make a personal contribution to our team and new coach. Admittedly an arduous task given my dearth of any accreditation ( formal, informal, hearsay or otherwise ) in ‘big time on the grand stage” college hoops .

You see … I don’t know X … and have never met O . Need dirt and a stick to diagram plays… can’t imagine go long reaps much praise …and to be brutally honest …even after much lengthy observation and study …I am not at all sure I can really tell the difference between a 2-1-2 and a 2-3 zone … especially when the defense is short in stature.

Big zip in the opponent intelligence arena … as I have been (for quite some time ) estranged from scouting reports, offensive tendencies and a players late game free throw percentage when their testicles have tightened up.

Bigger zilch on video assist … given that incident (minor) at BJC with the OSU fan, their camera and where the sun don’t shine … it’ll be 2014 till me and recording equipment can be together unsupervised.

Totally nada with hoops vernacular … when watching games on TV … every time I hear pick and roll … I immediately stand up and yell … and flick it ! Hard to overcome decades of pickin … rollin … and flickin … can’t imagine just pickin and rollin … seems pointless without the flick. And this “off hand “ thing just makes me cringe … “Push him left … make him use his off hand” … “ make him beat you with his off hand” … now I don’t know about you folks … and what you know about offhand … but I vividly remember my Dad ( Big Bob 1926-1973 ) and I watching Foghorn Leghorn cartoons one Saturday morning ( as we were wont to do every week) … I was ten or eleven at the time … and for unknown reasons Foghorn Leghorn tended to make my Dad wax philosophical and tender sage advice to his young son … really serious stuff … stuff that I carry with me to this day … anyway … there we were watching Foghorn when he ups out of the chair and turns the TV off and announces he has something vitally important to tell me. Sits back down and says … “ Son … look me in the eye now and pay close attention because I’m only going to tell you this one time … pretty soon you’re going to start spending a lot time in the bathroom … and I’m advising you … after 15 minutes you better switch to your offhand … if you don’t you’ll a) cramp up severely … b) develop asymmetrical forearm musculature “ … his exact words I may add

Anyway … I was near despondent … into my 2nd … might’ve been my 3rd … well … could’ve been my 4th chilled Herradura when the clouds parted … the sun shone … and The Partridge Family started singing in my head … I had it … I knew the answer … knew exactly what I could give to Coach Chambers … a tool to evaluate talent … small and portable so he can take it on recruiting trips … sets up quick … doesn’t take but 3 or 4 minutes … tests coordination, agility, timing, ability to do repetitive acts, works with individuals and when done with groups you can evaluate teamwork skills … does great job of evaluating fast tic muscles, reflexes, spins, dips , arm and leg motion, flexibility , balance etc.

Has everything needed … seems like the perfect Talent Evaluator Tool … whaddya think great huh !!!




Lot better than stats!!!


You had me at chilled Herradura Anejo. Plus, I just watched 9:21 of the Macarena, and I’m a better man for it.


A lot of those kids are projects. They really need to ad some muscle, if you ask me.