vs. North Florida IGT (BTN+)


Dread and Bolton are a very pleasant surprise. Don’t look phased by much of anything so far


Looked sharper Saturday.

Wins are good!


They had more O rebounds, steals and blocks than us… Few things to clean up, but looked pretty solid


I don’t know if it was just me but I thought the rebounding was terrible, especially on the defensive end. Way too many offensive rebounds given up. Haven’t looked at the stats though and I was tuning in and out while doing other things so maybe I just caught the game at the right time.


PSU played a small lineup for large portions and NoFL missed at least 52 3-pointers, so a lot of those rebounds were on crazy caroms. Lions still had the edge on the boards overall, 39-38 and 30-27 on defensive boards.


Just glad that we won and that Bolton and Dread had decent debuts



  1. Dread can shoot.

  2. Defense looked better. More active, better fundamentals.

  3. Stevens will beat up teams that don’t have an athletic big to guard him.

  4. Rasir has confidence in his game.

  5. Buttrick can play at this level.


Was at the game last night. A few thoughts that haven’t already been mentioned in this thread.

  • Can’t stress enough how impressed I was that the BJC drew 9k opening night with hockey and soccer NCAAs also going on. Really good, energetic crowd and the student turnout was phenomenal. They were active, not passive like the THON game students usually are. Really hope they keep coming out because there was energy in that building that I cannot remember this early in a season.

  • In that same vein, I have been heavily critical of the in-game videos/marketing of the BJC but I think PJ did some great prep for this season. The NIT banner reveal package was great and the new intro videos/lineup scheme is a lot of fun too. Just still need to turn down the music in timeouts by like 6 notches. I still have relatively young ears and it’s more deafening than a rock concert sometimes.

  • BALL. MOVEMENT. It’s the little things but I love that we spread the wealth poss. per poss. like we do. 4 players in double digits. I know you can have a strong, effective Iso with a guy like Tony at the point but this was the kind of basketball I love the most.

  • Our guys did a great job of drawing fouls inside. A lot of and ones. Considering how small we play without Mike, I love that these guys (especially the freshmen) are fearless enough to drive and draw contact.

  • This team is so much fun to watch and while there are things to improve on, it is not going to take them long to make adjustments. I’m so excited that this is just the beginning. If and when Mike and Satchel return, this could be a very, very fun ride.


Didn’t seem like there were 9k there, but it was still a good crowd for the reasons you mentioned, plus the ugly weather.


Student section was awesome. Huge turnout for an early season game. Win a few and they’ll really help fill the lower bowl.


Keep winning and the VaTech turnout should be HUGE for the students



If you win they will come.