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Vs Maryland IGT

Starting this a little bit early tonight because there is a great little pre-game show streaming here you can listen to and I can’t wait for this thing to get started tonight!

These two need to do like 2 hours a night of PSU hoops talk… I’d tune in. :slight_smile:

Apparently the student section is showing up in full force.

For those of you that were in hte chat for the ole miss game, that link going around may be interesting tonight.

Jones makes a great point - how PSU handles the press tonight could be the story of the game. The diamond press is tough, and we had better not hope to just dribble through it like Ed generally prefers to do. But beyond that, once we break it - we have to be careful to get a shot we’re happy with and not just rush because we’re out of sorts from the break.

Game needs to be played more at our pace, not theirs.

But I think if we can take care of the ball and rebound decently, we can win this thing.

Think Talor’s pumped? :wink:

I’m liking this game so far. Each minute that passes makes me more confident that we’re going to pull out the win.

Send it in Jeffrey!!!

I’d like to see us hit a few shots, though. We’re not taking enough advantage of these Maryland turnovers.

Someone has to make a clip of that Brooks dunk. Awesome.

Now we’re the ones really struggling to score

We will get a hot streak going soon. Once Talor comes back from his rest he’ll get his feet under him and shoot some 3’s.

I think we’re playing decent defense and getting decent looks, it’s just that none of them are going in. At some point they have to start falling. I’m not too concerned yet. We just need to stay close until our shots start falling.

Not up to us to win for the BigTen to win the challenge. Purdue just beat Va.Tech in OT.

That was a really weird combo Taran, Oliver, Woodward, Jones and Frazier.

We are just ridiculously cold shooting this game. And it seems like we are getting half decent looks but just missing.

Were building a brick house. Whew, how many air balls does one have to see in one half?

Hey Ed, give Bowman or Marshall a run, Woodyard and Buie can’t hit the broad side of a barn right now, they can’t be worse.

Too much adrenaline lots of the shots have been long.

Gotta say Andrew has been playing really well.

[quote=“jjepsu92, post:18, topic:1584”]Too much adrenaline lots of the shots have been long.

Gotta say Andrew has been playing really well.[/quote]Are you on ESPN 2? He can’t catch a cold let alone a loose ball

Down 6 at half without DJ and Brooks for 8 minutes. I’ll take it. We hung really tough with a lot of weird combos.