vs. Indiana 2018 IGT (BTN)


Agree it would be strange. Naz would have been a solid bench piece. 7th/8th man kind of role maybe?Who did him leaving open up a scholarship for? Was it Jones that got the last ship?


Was it Jones or Brock??? I was told that they basically told Naz that he wouldn’t be playing this year… don’t know how much of that is really true, though.


Not sure. One or the other. If Naz was still here he would definitely be playing in some capacity I would think. Might only be 7mpg but ya gotta think he would be playing. I have no insight into this just speculating, but I could see Naz being like “I want to start or get 20mpg” and coach saying “bench role 7mpg” and then Naz using that to leave. Who knows though.


Naz wanted to start.


From day one at PSU!


Who doesn’t?


I would hope that he wanted to start. But I assume you mean expected to start, and that wasn’t guaranteed.


No way could I see him starting for us this year. He’s not a point, Reaves is the three, and he didn’t have the touch to be a shooting guard.


I mean exactly what I said. Naz wanted to start, went somewhere he could start.


Can someone explain this to me? It has bothered me for a long time, and it happens quite often. I didn’t start realizing it until I noticed it once and pay attention each time since and it has happened since Pat first got here…

Many times, when one of our guys is shooting free throws, Pat will take our center and have him NOT be on the block to rebound, but rather standing at half court completely out of the mix to get a potential rebound. This is repeated and clearly intentional. Not every time but it happens quite a bit. It’s not like he does it with Mike but not John, no correlation to foul issues, no correlation to first or second half, winning or losing, etc. Why on earth would you remove your best rebounder from the paint when FTs are being attempted? It makes no sense at all and drives me bonkers. What am I missing?

Another thing that really upsets me is when we take all these three point attempts like 5 feet beyond the arc. Shep did this constantly his first 3 years, now I see Bolton following in his footsteps with that. Really wish Pat would emphasize QUALITY shots and make someone ride the pine if they keep jacking them up like that. Just because you want to show confidence in your guys does NOT mean you need to accept freshmen and others hurling up 26 foot bricks. The margin for error is small, and something as basic as this really hurts. When a guy like Shep graduates, who was able to shoot from 3 very well last year once he improved shot quality, it really exposes the simple issues that can get masked with our offense. The freshmen just aren’t there yet from 3 so the flaws of the offense can’t be hidden this year as easily. Shep shot 34-36% his first three years which is not very good from 3. Last year he took a massive step forward and hit from 43.3%.


To avoid cheap foul calls, I would assume


He also tends to wait too long to call timeouts and quite a few times calls timeout when we are actually making a run or right after someone nails a 3?


My guess is that it is to protect the tin the other way on what he hopes is an unlikely miss by us and a related fast break opportunity for the Bad Guys.




Hojo should have started, people who wanted him off the bench were stupid!


This is a thing many coaches do, it’s not specific to Pat. However, there are a few reasons to do it, and it’s pretty common throughout the country.

(1) It prevents picking up cheap fouls on rebounds they have very little chance of getting. Free throws are notoriously hard to get rebounds on because players are often doubled up. Someone like Watkins or Harrar will commonly be pinched down on that makes it really hard to get the rebound in the event of a miss.

(2) It’s tough for big men to run up and down the floor all game. This is essentially giving big men a quick rest within the game. They don’t have to fight for a loose ball or run up the floor after the free throws.

(3) It can be a deterrent for a fast break off of a miss to have the team’s best shot blocker across the timeline already. This can force the other team to slow down and allow our other players to get back into position.

The situation you are thinking of though may impact what 3-5 offensive rebounds in an entire season? It’s not like this is a thing that will have a drastic effect on the entire outcome of the season.

I think Shep often shot from further out because it gave him more space to get his shot off. He wasn’t exactly a stud physically (a very handsome man though Mrs. G if you are reading today) and that extra room gave him a chance to get a clearer eyeline for the rim. I think you’re seeing the same thing with Rasir. His release point doesn’t seem that high either, so the extra space can allow him to get it off.


You typically take the big off the FT lane cuz he is the back line of the press. Teams that press typically press after FT’s. It may just be something he always does so when he does decide to press there isn’t confusion.