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Vs Illinois IGT

Maybe the biggest game of the season. A must-win of sorts if this team has any dreams of post-season play. Let’s get it Lions!

Gotta have it tonight guys, same energy as last game!!!

Certainly this is a big game in terms of momentum and confidence, but by no means are we at the point where this is a must win game in my opinion. We would still have many more games to play.

MSU and Wisky are in OT in East Lansing

Next two are going to be very tough. Not sure anybody expects us to win either. Dropping to 2-5 would be rough. You have to protect your home floor in this league because of how hard it is grabbing road games. That makes this a must win to me.

I’ve been watching, it’s a crazy game!!

Good start Talor

great start, guys look fired up

Nice start for PSU. Gotta be careful on those defensive switches as the game goes on though

Loving the 9-2 start

What are the Globetrotters doing in Penn State unis.

Oh baby, throw it down Andrew Jones ;D

Like Drew’s play so far. Keep it up boys!

Couldn’t have asked for a better start at the first TV timeout

Doesn’t look like the same intesnisty Illini team that just dismantled NW last week. Let’s build that lead as big as we can.

WOW, the crowd looks real sparse. 9:00 start and bad weather, I’m sure contribute.

andrew freaking jones

Where’d this aggressiveness come from from Jones?

Student turnout is just sad considering it’s the THON game.

At least the students showed up.