vs. Colgate IGT 2018 (BTN+)


Yourself included? :grin::wink:


Yeah no. One of the few screaming people…



Well, this full week off couldn’t have come at a better time for him.

I am starting to wonder if we may see some movement during the off-season from our cluster of guards, rather than Mike or Lamar leaving early. Both Mike and Lamar could use another year (Mike for multiple reasons - another year to prove himself beyond the court since his mental health revelation and off the court issues), and there just is not going to be enough time at the guard spots for the 6 guards we will have on the roster (not including Kelly and Seth getting time at the 3).

Time will tell, but since there NEEDS to be someone leaving this off-season due to over signing last class, I figured that this is acceptable mentioning. Next year’s outlook would be vastly better if the two both stay.


Thank u next



I don’t like this. Chambers is the one that can control that. Allow Stevens to sit out some during practice to rest up. Actually steal an extra 2-3 minutes of game time for him with Buttrick or Harraar or Zemgulis in and out of TO"s to get him some additional rest. But Chambers just keeps trotting him out there and this is what happens.