Virginia IGT


I’ve had some problems with chat during games, I think it’s been too much stress on the server. Anyway, thought I would kick this off…


Mike Patrick?

Might have to mute this. Too bad b/c I like Elmore.


Let’s get this started right. This is the year.




I like the never give up attitude thus far.


We are so vulnerable to the late-shot-clock breakdown. Good hustle on the boards, though.


PSU already has as many offensive rebounds as they did last week.

UVa starting out hot


We need to be stout on D


Tim doesn’ like to go left, it looks like.


Needed a stop and got onwe.


Generally poor shot selection so far.


Good rebounding effort so far. Need to close out on the shooters and start making some shots.


Who was at the table?


I’m loving the defense so far. Good work on the boards, too. We gotta get better 1st shots, though.

UVA is not going to rain these jumpers all game.


Talor came down on that last one with four guys boxed in the paint and if they didn’t hack him he would have broken them down. (Of course the hack might qualiy as a breakdown.)


Babb with a rare ‘2’


Babb actually had a 2!




Talor’s shot has been cockeyed all year.


Gotta make your layups