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Victory Dances in Morgantown


Performing a Victory Dance in Morgantown is like playing Russian Roulette with one unloaded chamber.


yeah, but Buzz apologized.


LOL just saw this. Those fans wanted to kill him. Pretty funny, but only because we weren’t involved. :smiley:



At least these days WVU fans wait til you antagonize them before they want to kill you.


…and he did it right in the middle of the court, almost on top of the WV logo. :stuck_out_tongue:


People need to quit being so darned sensitive. TO running to the star in Dallas, the Titans stomping on the Terrible Towel, this guy dancing to John Denver. Whatever. I think it’s funny and entertaining.


To heralded football recruits stepping on the Lion in the football locker room, and other heralded recruits donning a team’s cap before announcing he wil attend another university…


I think every comeback win should be finished with a coach yelling VICTORY like Johnny Drama.


What’s even better is with WVU’s move to the Big whatever, there’s going to be a long wait for paybacks.