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Urban Meyer on post-game press conferences

He seems to be pretty candid in these things.

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I am sure he doesn’t reveal everything but this definitely an insight in how he and a lot coaches handle talking to press after games.

Granted I’ve never been a coach walking into a press conference after a loss (or win), but I have had the experience of stepping on a rusty nail and getting massive infections. I’d gladly take my chances with the press conference.

It’s amazing that a coach essentially fired for a scandal gets put so high on the pedestal at BTN

Didn’t he resign? I thought he walked away from OSU.

Officially medical reasons, still is a ad junct professor at OSU. However, the whole assistant coach scandal was fresh and likely contributed to the decision.

I would not be surprised if Urban Meyer left OSU because he felt he was unfairly treated during the Zach Smith scandal (at least in part).

Even still, he resigned from OSU. He was not fired.

It was one of those “resign or be fired” deals

I never saw this reported anywhere, and if he was going to “resign or be fired,” it seems awfully odd to keep him on as an adjunct professor.

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The speculation on here is more worthy of another message board.

However I’ll offer that if he were persona non grata with respect to OSU, I doubt he’d be on a network in which the Big Ten Conference has a 49% stake…