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Upsets Everywhere: 19-20 Edition

Penn stuns Bama 81-80

Illinois heading into OT vs. Nicholls St.


Nebraska getting whooped by Riverside on BTN.

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Watching MSU/KY and Vitale says that Nicholls State beat the Illini. So I’m figuring out how break it to my Illini wife when she calls me after landing on the Left Coast tonight…then check out the score to see what happened, and see that the Illini pulled it out in OT 78-70. Maybe I misheard Vitale, but I don’t think so.

Riverside did destroy Nebraska 66-47…Hoiberg off to a grand start.

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Grand Canyon drops a game to D2 Davenport

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I’m on the fence with PSU World Campus vs Grand Canyon online for my Master’s in January. That may have just made up my mind ;-). Who cares about costs?!

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Merrimack, who just got smoked by 20 at Maine beats NW by double digits… :grimacing:

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Man, I remember it like it was yesterday. Everyone was anointing Chris Collins as the second coming, and what Penn State fans should aspire to get in a coach, just a few years ago when he took the Wildcats to their first NCAA tournament.

That seems like distant memory, a mere two seasons later.

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Nicholls State 75 - Pitt 70

Southern Utah 79 - Nebraska 78

Well he did take NW to their first NCAA tournament. Hard place to win and become a perennial contender.

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I know it’s Hoiberg’s first season, but I cant wrap my head around how bad Nebraska is.

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New coach, brand new roster, no size.

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#6 Florida just lost 63 to 51 to an unranked Florida State team

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I wouldn’t have expected them to become a contender, but the free fall after that season is stark. Reminds me of Tim Miles after he had his own early tournament season.

Another reason for PSU not to make the tournament! :wink:

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Winthrop (1-1) just delivered a shocking road victory over #18 St. Mary’s

Evansville shocks #1 Kentucky at Rupp Arena, winning 67-64.


Burning couches in the evansville quad

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29-point dogs

The Lexington Herald Leader provided some coverage of the game: