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Upset at Rupp was a decade ago tonight

Why can’t anyone at the BTN track down that tape for the “Greatest Games”? It’s out there. Hell, I have it on VHS.
Was doing a little research on a Brooks/Cline-Heard parallel story and found this. Check out the appraisal under Key Games :smiley: Pretty much my thoughts at the time…

I loved JC3’s remark and he backed it up that year! :slight_smile:

I think I remember a highlight of that game where Jon Crispin steals a ball in the KY end, then dribbles backwards to get behind the arc, and then hits a three. I never got to see that game, so If ever I find out it’s on somewhere I’m putting my TiVo to work.

PSU at Kentucky 2000

The extended highlights of that night…

I was a senior in high school. I remember being shocked when I arrived home from one of my own games to see that score scrolling down on the bottom of ESPN.

I’d love to see Jon Crispin come back to do a PSU/Minn broadcast and ask Tubby “Remember me?”. ;D

It’s not like Kentucky had a bad team that year either. The tied Florida for first in the SEC East, won the conference tournament, and also made it to the NCAA Sweet Sixteen.

I did listen to the play by play of that game on the internet (back in the days when it was available and free).
My, at the time, visiting future son in law had made some deragatory remark about Penn State sheduling a team so much better than them and that would get killed.
I had never seen any video of that game, so thanks for sharing it. Unbelievable shooting by both Joe and John. While Joe had a bunch of comparable perfromances, I don’t believe that John ever had a game that approached his Ky. performance.

Thanks for posting that vid, I think it’s the first time I’ve seen anything from that game since the night it happened. Very cool moment in PSU hoops history, although it’s definitely a bit different than I remembered it in my mind.

I loved the Kentucky player’s postgame comments about extending their d farther and farther out, but PSU just kept hitting them.

With all of the talk about Matt McGloin’s “moxie”, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a PSU athlete with more moxie than Joe Crispin. Much like McGloin in the second half of the OSU game, it didn’t always work in his favor, but I don’t think Joe ever put up a shot that he didn’t think was going in. I certainly miss watching him play (though I don’t think my heart misses it too much).

Those boys took some of the worst shots ever…yet, all is well that ends well. :smiley:

2000/2001 was my senior year at PSU and I vividly recall listening to this game on the radio for parts of the first half. I had a date with a girl I’d been trying to get with for some time and I actually cut it short to run back into my car and listen to the rest of the game. It was a fantastic year for those guys and the BJC was loud and filled up pretty good. I still recall just how good those guys really were. I remember seeing Joe Crispen’s fade away jumpers at the free throw line and adding it to arsenal for rec hall and IM pick-up games. Thanks Joe!


Haha, you gotta have your priorities. She was probably wondering what she did and why you didn’t seem interested in her, but nope, it was just game time. :wink:

Both brothers lit it up that night. Ridiculous shooting…just ridiculous…

I love Brandon Watkins displaying his jersey at the end of the game.

I hope Buie gets to do that after he hits a last second shot to beat Maryland.

[quote=“MillionaireMagic, post:15, topic:1544”]I love Brandon Watkins displaying his jersey at the end of the game.

I hope Buie gets to do that after he hits a last second shot to beat Maryland.[/quote]

I hope we don’t need a last second shot to beat them, but that’s just me perhaps? :wink:

Have this game on VHS as well. As the year went on, Penn State would upset top-10 teams like Illinois, MSU and UNC thanks to huge games and plays by Cline-Heard, Ivory, Tyler Smith, and Brandon Watkins. However, that win in Lexington was entirely due to the Crispins. Cline-Heard and Ivory both had shaky starts, and Joe just started casting from deep, then at about the 10 minute mark Jon scored about 10-straight points and it was game-on.

I remember turning down the TV volume and listening to Steve Jones on the radio, and there was a play early in the game where Joe got fouled on the dribble, then went ahead and swished an off-baseline fade-away from about 20-feet (that didn’t count), but Steve said something to the effect of “Joe looks like he’s got it going tonight,” and boy was he right.