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UK In Game Thread


This hasn’t been started yet, we are playing the #2 team in the country. for the game, hopefully Joe and Jon Crispin can launch some from Louisville again :slight_smile:


It’s weird watching opponents like Calipari and feeling in a morally inferior position…




Yea, very.


Of course, if the announcers spend the entire game talking about Calipari, I’ll get over it.


like that we’re playing zone. don’t like our chances if we have to play man, but this could keep us in it for awhile.


The announcers and the refs apparently think this isn’t much of a game…


Glover with the TO. Timmy got fouled on his layup…ticky tack being called on PSU so far.


UK in the area since beginning of the week…isn’t it a school week ???..isn’t this a meaningless made for TV event???..aren’t the players supposed to be students???..???


Feel like we’ve started okay. Got to keep them in a half court game, and we got back well on their fast break.


Tim is trying to do too much here. Needs to get his teammates involved.


Got a few back there. Frazier walked and Billy slid under that guy but got the call.


Would have been nice to get that rebound… and free throws guys.


Missing free throws, turning the ball over, giving up easy hoops.

Down 11.


Well, I guess the first 3 minutes of hope were fun. We don’t know how to play offense well enough to keep with them.


Do you get extra points when you shoot from the Reese’s or Bud Light logo?? Should be a new rule. Good money maker!!


Their length and quickness is proving a bit too much to handle already. :frowning:


Not that anyone thought PSU had much of a chance today, but wow they are overmatched.

They definitely aren’t playing scared though.


Frazier’s a tough kid. :slight_smile:


That’s at least 3 charges PSU has drawn so far.