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UCONN player arrested on drug charges


Another negative for Calhoun’s program. But as long as he wins . . .,0,3666433.story


Is Joe’s legacy tarnished because of his players who have used marijuana in the past?


To some degree it was. The good thing about Joe was that he dealt with it quickly, which tends to ameliorate the effect.

I think Calhoun is a whole different story - he’s already under suspension for recruiting violations for next year; another player is about ready to “spill the beans” and he’s had a “difficult” relationship with the press for many years. Coming in the wake of what’s going on at Auburn and OSU, well, this might paint Jim into a corner.


[quote=“Great Santini, post:1, topic:2339”]Another negative for Calhoun’s program. But as long as he wins . . .,0,3666433.story[/quote]

I’m not sure I get those comments about if he wins all is overlooked. So basically we are not talking about Calhoun here we are talking about the people and fans of UConn. I’m sure you’d find fans who don’t like what Calhoun has done. If the shoe were on the other foot and we were talking about ED and not Calhoun some fans would look the other way and some would not like it. The just the way it is.

Every program has kids in it that do things that kids do…PSU hoops and football is no exception. If our hoop team was playing the last game of the year there would be fans(plenty of them) who would look the other way too.


I gotta say, I don’t know anyone who hasn’t smoked marijuana, or wouldn’t do it again. I know it’s against the law, but this hardly constitutes what I would consider a “drug arrest.” I know it technically is, but I hate to jump on Calhoun’s back for this one. Jump on it for the cheating.


I am not a fan of marijuana personally. You can probably tell something specific I like just by my SN though. Beer/alcohol is probably a few times worse than weed though for college students to be using. A lot harder to control things.

I just wonder if there is a program in the country that has a player that hasn’t lit up in the past year. I would say ABSOLUTELY not, men or women.

EDIT: I wrote that wrong :wink: I didn’t mean to imply that every player on every team has lit up in the past year but that there isn’t a single team that hasn’t had a player light up. Stupid to assume things but I think that is a pretty easy one to assume.


Reports said they had 5 point something grams (between a few people) so selling could probably be ruled out, its also the off-season. If this happened at any other school, I’d say who cares? I still don’t really care, but it happened to a national championship team that won while sanctioned, so I understand the story.


Here’s some more info on the story. This is UCONN’s Spring Weekend where kids come from all over New England to party hearty and have a blowout weekend - sort of like State Paddy’s day at PSU. Coombs-McDaniel and a couple other guys from the Boston area who aren’t UCONN students were caught up in a sweep that was initiated when a narcotics complaint was called into police. Coombs-McDaniel and his pals were charged with having 5 oz of marijuana in something called a “marijuana grinder” where they roll marijuana up in a cigar.

Last year, a kid was killed at UCONN’s Spring Weekend, so the police and university officials recommended that students head home for Easter/Passover and not hang around this year. Police presence has been greatly increased this year in an attempt to keep the violence down.

Calhoun and Coombs-McDaniel have had some run-ins over the past season on playing time, etc. At one time, Calhoun stated that Coombs-McDaniel was a throw-in as part of the package to get Alex Oriaki to commit to UCONN.

So the kid was in the wrong place at the wrong time - not a big deal unless further charges are forthcoming. Still doesn’t look good for the national champs whose coach is on probation.


Santini, it was 5.6 grams, not ounces. Big difference there. :smiley:


Right you are.

Hey, never let the facts get in the way of a good story. 8)


Those two names should never be used in the same sentence. Here are the difference in the two…

Joe: Has given MILLIONS back to the university

Calhoun: When asked if he would be willing to give back some of his pay (which is reportedly at least 3 times that of Paterno) during the downturn in the economy to help the struggling UConn Athletic Program, he said, “Not a dime, NOT ONE DIME !!!”

Big difference.