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UConn or UK


Will Kemba Walker be the difference or will Brandon Knight say “good night” to the Huskies?


ESPN’s ticker yesterday mentioned that coach Cal is the 1st coach to take 3 different schools to the Final Four.

I thought this was his first “official” trip since the first 2 no longer count ;D


Pitino has also taken three teams – Providence, UK, Louisville – to a Final Four.


I was hoping they’d both lose.


One will lose, one will be vacated.

[quote="TomF, post:4, topic:2293"]I was hoping they'd both lose.[/quote]

One will lose, one will be vacated.

So sad and yet so true…


From the rivals board:

Gary Parrish tweet re Calipari
"Somebody just straight up asked Cal on the stage what it’s like to coach in his first Final Four. He was not amused."