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UConn or Butler

This is the reason why I like this $100 pick-every-game-as-it-happens pool that I’ve been in for the past 20+ years…while all other pools were pretty much over last week, this one is still going strong into the final game. And yours truly is the leader…

Who wins, why and by how much?

Butler by 2, because karma’s a puppy’s mother.

Da mighty Bulldog’s by 1! ;D

Can you really pick against Butler at this point? Great coaching, great defense, smart offense. Bulldogs by 3.

I’m going with Butler

My heart is absolutely with Butler, but my head says UCONN. I would love to see the National Champion be a school that consistently graduates it’s scholarship basketball players.
Hope my head is wrong.

My heart is with Butler, for sure. My second favorite program after PSU. But there is a reason Uconn is the favorite here - they are slightly better at nearly every position and if they execute like they are capable of they should win the game.

The hope is that Butler doesn’t let them execute like they are capable of. :wink:

Kenpom and vegas both see Uconn as about a 3 point favorite and I think that makes sense. But go big or go home. Bulldogs with a game winner they couldn’t hit last year… Butler 61 - UCONN 60

But what does kidcoyote say? :slight_smile:

Bulldogs pull off the stunner, 76-74 (2OT).

Butler because they are so hard to scout for in such a short timespan. Butler will win by 9 points

In vegas now and going to bet on UConn. Butler is the sentimental choice though.

Ugly start for both teams

Wow…11-1 Butler over UConn advantage in my little poll.

I have a feeling that’s more voting with your hearts than your heads, but we shall know in a couple hours.

For the record…I went with UConn and 1. Several reasons, one of which is I can possibly win the pool with either UConn or Butler winning depending on the people and points involved.

Butler in the bonus before the 8 min mark in first half…

Butler is staying alive with the 3s.

And defense…

The final score of this one won’t be much higher than some that we’ve had. 36-33 win against Wisconsin and 38-33 win against Illinois. I feel like first to 40 wins.

Hard, tough defense never gets what it deserves. Being a Nittany Lion, we certainly have experience this reaction many times in both football and mens basketball.
After all, no one deserved to win that 36-33 game with Wisconsin. In football, (over the years gone by) it was believed we would win ugly because our defense was the catalyst to victory.
Stevens said it right, that the offenses are struggling due to how tough these two teams are playing defense. Hope Butler can do as well in the second half.

Love Barkley telling it like is. The game is UGLY but this ugly is definitely in Butler’s favor.

Same guy who tried to make a fool out of us for beating UW ugly. I always liked Chuck’s forthrightness (if that’s a word) but he’s working both sides of the street here.