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Two front row, sec 105, row KK, seats 13 and 14 available for Sunday's game

I’m not going to be able to make it to this one. The game against Maine is at noon. These are 2 of the best 16 seats in the BJC for any basketball game. Front row, half court. Contact me and pick them up before 4am Sunday morning to get these. I only want $20 for the both of them.

They’re also entertaining seats because the guys that sit behind me are (I think) girls’ basketball coaches from somewhere nearby and they are brutal towards the refs and opposing teams’ coaches. Twice in the last two years coaches have responded to their hecklings (a rarity) and once a ref tried to get them to meet him outside after the game. My favorite was the ref who looks like Don Knotts that they kept yelling at for him to go back to Mayberry every time he made a bad call. :smiley:

Great seats. Entertaining fans near you. Contact me at 814.574.0052 if you want them