TV Alert


ESPN is showing #4 Columbus Northland (Trey Burke’s HS) vs #1 Findlay Prep today (12/17) at 7PM


…followed by the Lady Lions Volleyball Final Four match vs Hawaii at 9:00 on ESPN2.

So settle in and enjoy :slight_smile:


Ngameday, thank you so much! I would have missed it without your post. Cheers, psugeologyguy


I was just going to post the game… Thanks Ngameday!


Man, Burke is a tiny guy


I like his game so far… passing and three’s


Burke is d’ing up Cory Joseph very well.


agreed… loving his D right now…


Sullenger is going to be a big problem.


Jamelle’s cousin playing in the game as well…


“Burke is the straw that stirs the drink for this team”… I LOVE hearing that!

The best 3 point shooter and the best FT shooter.


Burke’s team up 29-15 at halftime.

Findlay’s low output for the season is 65, and they’ve gone over 100 five times this season


Yeah no kidding… wow


Love Burke. Great handle. Great understanding of the game. Good skills…

Sullinger, well, he should be in another league. Shame the kid is forced to go to college for a year.


Sullinger showing what the value of a good big man is. Findlay is the #1 team in the country, averages 100 ppg, and they have 15 1st half points. Wow. Trey good with the ball. Good on D too.


I always get beat to the punch on this site.

I’ve also been watching the game…Burke looks pretty good. Seem to recall that the Cornley’s are friends of the family…knowing how much Jamelle probably wanted to NOT be overlooked by the in-state school, I hope tOSU doesn’t whiff on a kid or two and come calling for Trey. Excited to see what he can do at PSU with a legit big man and players such as Buie/Frazier/Babb.


“another tony parker like floater by burke…”


You just don’t want to face him don’t ya? :wink:


Findlay making htis a game, down 3 under 2 left


Burke with a great play but was waved off by a blocking foul. Missed the front end of the 1 and 1