Tulane Aftermath: Another loss


Well, its hard to summarize went wrong today. But I think it’s safe to say this team just doesn’t have “it” , at least thus far. Battle missed a few layups down the stretch, there were a couple ugly turnovers during crunch time, not to mention they played like crap for the first 30 minutes or so.

Shooting 30 percent won’t get it done, no matter how we spin it. Babb was ice cold once again, and the big men missed a ton of shots throughout the course of the game. Hats off to Tulane for making that dagger 3 ball at the end, but PSU hasn’t played well in the past 2 games at all.

Once again, one of the few positives was the FT shooting. 22-25. Frazier played well, and Highberger wasn’t too bad off the bench either. But it’s getting clear to me we might have expected too much from this team so far. Sure, it’s still early but a 2-2 start with losses against Tulane and UNC-Wilmington is pretty sad.



Agree noobd. Tulane shot poorly also. We out rebounded them by 7…BUT, just didn’t get it done down the stretch. Team seems to be really pressing! Playing hard but not relaxed or smart.


It’s tough to blame Battle when his cast isn’t getting it done, but he was clearly frustrated out there today. Several push off offensive fouls, some reckless drives to the basket that resulted in turnovers, etc. I’m not trying to rip the guy because without him we might be 1-3, but I definitely feel for him right now and I can’t blame his reckless play at times.


Deja vu’ anyone??

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In the words of Dick J-DREADFUL


Really resets expectations


Someone needs to put a cardboard cutout of Cornley next to the court so Andrew Jones can play his game


We could use a cardboard cutout of Cornley ON the court.


I think Brooks bears watching. Those were good numbers yesterday, and he played 34 minutes, which is probably the most he ever played. I saw two nice inside baskets by him, one where he got fouled and converted the 3 pt. play. Right now, if someone is going to step up on the front line, I bet it’s him. Last year many were saying that he needed to stop thinking and start doing. Well, the time he’s getting just might force that. He’s got great size and great athleticism, and yesterday was certainly the best game he’s ever had, 15 pts. on 6-11 shooting , 7 rb’s and 3-3 from the line. NFW he was ever 3-3 from the line before. Should be interesting to see him tomorrow. The position of front line leader is there for the taking.