True Roll Call: Who's going to Charlottesville on Monday?


I scored some nice lower bowl seats at mid-court posing as a Hoo at’s ticket exchange board yesterday. ;D

Look for the flag!


Nicely done, Mr. Builder.

I’m heading out of work around 2, hoping that the traffic from Rockville->Charlottsville won’t be too bad, and meeting some friends down there (PSU grads, don’t worry :slight_smile: ) for the game.


I’m going, and I’ll be sitting in one of the seats next to NationBuilder. Good work, lol.

I’m coming down from Rockville as well, but I’m leaving earlier than you it looks like. Hopefully I-66 won’t be it usual self and we don’t run into any problems on the way down.


Yeah, as long as you get through the Nutley/123 stretch on 66 before 3pm and the 4/2 merge at Gainesville by 3:30, you’ll be fine; although many folks will be returning from the holiday weekend on Monday so that may screw things up more than usual.


I agree.

When I am able to get through my “Nutley 1-2-3 stretch” before 3 pm, my day is almost always better and brighter. ;D


I was planning on it, but my wife has had some health issues lately, so it wouldn’t be a feasible trip.


Oh yeah, and wear white.


Me & my mom for her first ever PSU away game. Visiting Monticello, too.


Monticello itself is awesome, awesome, awesome. Unfortunately, the guided tours have gotten significantly worse over the last few years. The last time I went the tour was on a level appropriate for a kindergarten class, and left out all sorts of especially interesting facts about Monticello like the library, Jefferson’s interest in science and inventions (including the inventions he made for the house), and his religious views (including some interesting architectural features of the house that included religious themes). They have done a better job incorporating thoughts on his views on slavery, especially considering the recent news about the Hemings family, but that’s about the only part of the tour that’s better now that it was the first time I visited 10 years ago or so.

It might be chilly, but it’s worth wandering around the grounds, too. All in all, it’s one of my favorite historical places, and I try to visit every couple years.


If I have time, I may check out Monticello; but my energies will be focused on their pre-game bar scene.


Leaving for Charlottesville right now. Let’s see the team put it all together tonight!


Just found out the guy who was buying our tickets didn’t. Looks like there are still some left, but I thought I’d check here to see if anyone had an extra with better seats than the nosebleeds I can get online.