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Trey Lewis - Cleveland Plain Dealer Player of the Year


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From looking at that photo, the kid is really put together. A lot thicker than what I was expecting.


Per the article, he’s playing in the Ohio/Kentucky all star game tomorrow.


I thought the same thing - nice triceps! Looks like I found a new avatar. :slight_smile:


I just wonder if he is legit 6’1" or like some reports of only being 5’10"… I have seen both reported.


Fan’s observations

Pretty scathing review of Burke

I came away very unimpressed with Burke. Not only did he play badly, I thought he seemed to yell at teammates, and in the semi, apperared to be very interested in getting his points vs getting it underneath. I will not give a full-fledged judgement from only 2 games, but I wonder what others think that have seen him many times (not only about scoring, but as a teammate).

His opinion of Lewis is short but a compliment.

Trey Lewis obviously seemed like the real-deal and shot the ball great.

I’m not trying to throw Burke under the bus but it’s clear as day that team chemistry wise Lewis is our guy. He has openly shared that the feeling is mutual which we never really heard when Burke committed.