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Trey Lewis Article on BWI


Read away…


Maybe he’ll grow 8" before October :slight_smile:


This da BIG 10 not hi school a different. Nice bark have to see da bité.


Is that Rok speak?


While I haven’t seen him play, his numbers suggest he’s going to be a star. Once again, losing Burke may have been a blessing. I bet this kid’s better in the Big 10. Ed made lemonade out of lemons big time.


I hope would love to see dem run up tempo. Get everyone to contribute.


I like that Trey is coming in excited and confident. I’m sure there will be some roughs spots and we’ll see if he can keep his confidence up.


Here’s another article just posted at The Cleveland Plain Dealer:

…not a whole lot of new information, but more confirmation that we probably have ourselves another great guard. I think the following is an indication that he should fit in well here:

"A lot of teams preach family and togetherness, but I feel we really lived it," he said. "We were very close. We battled in practice, but off the court we were all cool friends. I feel like all of them are my brothers."

…and this sounds a lot like Talor:

"It would have been extra sweet if we would have been able to win the state championship," the Garfield Heights star said. "All the awards and honors and accolades I received were nice and I was grateful for them, but I really wanted that state title."


…damn…you beat me by a few minutes, Lar ;D :wink: